Pop-Tarts in the News

I recently read an article that referred to Britney Spears as a “pop tart.” Pop tart? I don’t follow entertainment news and don’t follow Britney Spears (the article I was reading was about a mission trip to Costa Rica) so I’ve not heard the term “pop tart” used in this way before. I thought at first it was typo: the writer meant pop star.

So I searched for “pop tart” in Google News and found lots of articles about Britney’s pop tart status. But I found a few items even more interesting than Britney (imagine that!) about real Pop-Tarts, you know, the ones you eat.

One article was about kids calling 9-1-1 for non-emergencies. Apparently a 7-year-old called 9-1-1 because his mom ate the last Pop-Tart. Note to self: When teaching kids to call 9-1-1 in case of emergency, explain what constitutes an actual emergency.

Another interesting thing in the search results was the number of schools that have Pop-Tart on the breakfast menu. Hmmm…. I have Pop-Tarts in my pantry at home and my youngest son loves them — breakfast, lunch or dinner — so I’m not anti-Pop-Tart. But I think the school breakfast that I pay $1.25 for should be a good bit better than what I can feed my kid at home for a quarter.


One thought on “Pop-Tarts in the News

  1. That I was familiar with the (largely pejorative) term “pop-tart” probably speaks to my having read way too much Entertainment Weekly over the years. Britney is the original. The phrase was coined when all the blonde bubblegum wannabes (Jessica, Mandy, et al) were unleashed right after her initial success. Which means you’ve gone almost ten years without having heard it!

    As for the real Pop-Tarts at schools, it doesn’t surprise me. When they made cheeseburgers an option for every day (rather than just Fridays when I was a kid) I knew things were on a downhill slide.

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