Check Your Spelling, People!

Because I write and edit for a living I am probably more sensitive than most when it comes to catching errors in other people’s writing. I’m not talking about dangling participles or incorrect use of the subjunctive mood, but primarily simple spelling errors. I catch them in my local newspaper all. the. time. and am convinced they should hire me as their copy editor as a result. (Wonder how that would go over as my hiring pitch? “You should hire me as your copy editor so you wouldn’t have as many spelling errors.”)

This very newspaper even has misspellings on their Facebook page! Under “Interests”:

We’re now adding more the Iron Bowl predicion prize vault. In addtion to free movie passes to the hottest movies of the season …

Now I know that it’s just Facebook, but seriously, you’re a newspaper who’s job it is to write, and write well and write correctly for the good of the masses! OK, maybe I went too far, but a little spellchecking and proofreading would have caught these simple errors.

One more from

Stafford® Genleman’s Valet


One thought on “Check Your Spelling, People!

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m guilty of having fired off a comment with a typo or two in it, but I feel awful and stupid afterward. Especially with computers and even web browsers now that check your spelling as you type, there is no excuse for poor spelling if you are educated and wish people to see you as somewhat professional. When someone leaves a misspelled comment on my page, and they’re actually trying to be serious or convince me, I just dismiss it as stupid, even though it might not be.

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