Old Married Couple

We played a short Newlywed Game in Life Group Sunday — three couples, the wives leave the room, the husbands answer three questions, and the wives come back in and answer the same questions to see if their answers match. Then the guys step out, the girls answer questions, and so on. They were looking for a couple married less than 2 years, a couple married 3-5 years, and a couple married more than 5 years. There were lots of newlyweds and lots of 3-5 years and then us — going on 10 years! What can I say, we married young.

The point was not for one couple to “win,” but if there was a winner we would have been it. I missed one (What is his favorite outfit that I wear) and he missed one (What is my favorite book of the Bible). Neither of those good questions for us because I’m not a high-fashion, favorite-outfit kind of person. And I don’t even know my favorite book of the Bible.

The ones we got right? He knew my mother’s middle name and my shoe size — not just the size I actually wear but the size I wore pre-kids and that I still tell people I wear — and I knew the year of the car he drives and his superhero/role model as a kid (Answer: G.I. Joe). We’d better know such things after being together 10 years, right?


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