Christmas, Don’t Be Late

LEGO Star Wars MagnaGuard Starfighter

Finn’s Christmas present finally shipped today with an ETA of Christmas Eve! This present is THE present. It’s the only thing he asked for from every Santa we’ve seen: a Star Wars Lego set. So it’s very important that it get here on time!

I ordered it from Amazon about 2 weeks ago — so I thought. Turns out I put it in my shopping cart and never confirmed my order. So this past Sunday it dawned on me that I’d never followed through. I quickly logged on and confirmed my order only to receive an email on Monday that my order wouldn’t ship until January 19!! What?!? I had ordered two other Lego sets with it — a box of regular Legos for Finn and a new box of a Duplos for Caden — and these were out of stock til January.

Once I took the back-ordered sets off my order, the Star Wars Lego was ETA Christmas Eve!! I could have switched from Free Super Saver shipping to $5 shipping, but me and shipping don’t mix. Paying for shipping eats up half of what I saved by ordering online in the first place (the set was $10 cheaper online than in stores). I’m confident that Amazon (er, Santa) will get it here on time. But just in case, Walmart doesn’t close until 6 p.m. Christmas Eve and the one nearest me has three in stock.

“We can hardly stand to wait, please Christmas, don’t be late.” — Alvin and the Chipmunks


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