A Christmas Poem

I’m no poet, but the following is a Christmas poem I wrote and included in our Christmas cards this year:

Merry Christmas from our family
We hope you had a good ’08
Please follow along with me
As I share things from this year that were great.

Finn turned 5 in summer
And started kindergarten in fall
He played tee-ball, soccer and coach pitch this year
And worked really hard to hit the ball.

He’s doing well at school
And learning how to read
He enjoys music class and making crafts
And his favorite color is green!

Caden has been two all year
He’ll be three the 29th of December
His year has been busy too
Learning new words to remember.

He talks, talks, talks, all the time
And loves to kiss and hug
Such a sweet little guy when he wants to be
And such a cuddlebug

Learning to use the potty
Was Caden’s big feat of the year
Mom and dad are glad that’s done!
No one else to potty-train for us, ya hear?

As for the hubby and I
We’ve been busy with work and school
He changed jobs mid-year
And so far it’s been pretty cool

Hopefully by this time next year
We can add “Dr.” to his name
He’s not too much left to do for his PhD
Spring or summer is his aim.

Me, I’m still at NASA
And turning into quite a little space geek
I’m also one course away from the graduate certificate
That I went to school to seek.

We’re hopeful for 2009
And all that may be in store
So Happy New Year to you all
May you receive the wishes of your heart and more!


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