29. 29. Today I “become” 29.

I’m OK with 29. I really am. For one, I prefer odd ages over even, so it’s good to be back to an “odd” age. Strange — or odd — I know.

But more than that, I’m starting to live the next decade of my life right now. You turn 1 at the end of your first year. So turning 29 means this is the end of my 29th year. My 20s are over and my 30th year of life starts right now!

Like a lot of people, particularly women maybe, I started dreading “30” like two years ago! It’s not that 30 is old, but it’s just not 20-something anymore. I heard a woman on a radio show a week or so ago moaning about turning 30 and how depressed she was over it because it was the end of the “carefree 20’s.” The woman felt like she never really got to experience those carefree years because she married young, had kids young, etc., and was now sad because those years were gone.

I could relate to this woman because I too married young and I had kids young, and sometimes people who grow up fast may wonder what they might have missed. At the same time, I think I might have been bored all these years if I didn’t have my husband and my family. As it was, I experienced my 20s with my best friend, and I have two little pieces of us that while often frustrating and stressful are the light of my life! I plan to spend my 30s enjoying what I’ve worked for in my 20s.

So that’s what I’m going to do. My 20s sometimes felt like hard work. I was in school, moved (a lot), had two babies, career changes, etc. It was a lot of fun, but definitely work. So I’m looking forward to the next decade because of all the life I plan to experience! My kids aren’t babies anymore, and in the next decade they will grow up and mature and we’ll be able to enjoy that so much! Experiencing the next 10 years with them is going to be such a joy, to watch them learn and experience life as boys and then young men.

We can travel with them because they’ll be old enough for long car rides to the beach and mature enough for flights across country (or even across the ocean maybe!). We can also travel without them as they’ll be easier to leave with our parents for a weekend or stay the night with a friend.

I pray for their health and that we’ll be able to watch them excel in school and sports and art or music, or whatever they are in to. I want to become more involved in a ministry and missions, and I pray that in the next decade I’ll see my sons ask Jesus into their heart and be baptized. I want my husband and I to build on our past 10 years together and grow closer as a couple and as a brother and sister in Christ and find how God wants us to serve Him together.

I can’t promise that the next 10 years will not have its ups and downs — most days I’m a pessimist so I totally expect there to be downs. But I’m hopeful for the things to come, in my 30s — which start today, at 29.

One thought on “29

  1. shaggerty says:

    30s are awesome. My only pause has been the thought that I might just be older than one of my English professors.

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