A Great 2008

A lot of blogs I follow are doing a “year in review” or ’08 wrap-up. One blog did a year in photos which was pretty cool. That would take more work and time than I have to contribute, but a neat idea.

For my year in review I looked through all my blog posts for 2008 and picked a few I had forgotten about — like editing the Elvis book last January and my husband having the flu last February — and a few of my favorites to closeout the year. I’d also forgotten about flying back from Orlando with the kids – ALONE – and the anxiety of two kids, car seats, bags, planes, etc.

My No. 1 favorite post of the year were the videos of Finn’s preschool music program. They’re just so sweet, and I could just watch them again and again.

Another favorite was my conversation with then-2-year-old Caden about washing his hands — what a rascal he is!

And my favorite non-kid post was my first time seeing the International Space Station and my description of feeling amazement and awe.

It was a great 2008, in a lot of ways, and for a lot of reasons. Happy 2009!


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