Gigapan Leaves Me Speechless

Every now and then the segmented areas of my life cross paths  like a kindergartner’s Venn diagram, and when it happens it’s just cool. Today, it’s NASA and photography (and a little bit of my news side).

I got a NASA News email today about a NASA spin-off technology called “Gigapan” that creates these unbelievably cool panoramic photos by piecing together thousands of high-quality photos into one large image. What’s so neat is that you see this image that seems like its from so far away, yet you can zoom in to see incredible details. The technology was created for and is used on the NASA rovers on Mars. Today’s release, though, specifically talks about the use of the Gigapan technology by photographer David Bergman at last week’s inauguration.

So I checked it out and it’s wayyy cool. Cooler than words can express (and that’s pretty cool considering I’m a writer and a lover of words!)

The original image


Now the zoomed in image of Obama.


Look back at the original photo and you’ll see a tiny red arrow above where Obama is. That’s how “zoomed in” this thing gets. Is that not cool?

This comparison doesn’t do it justice so go to the photo on the Gigapan site and check it out. On the Gigapan site you can also do “snapshots” where you “capture” a certain zoomed in image and can save and comment on it (for example, people who were there have zoomed in on themselves and saved that image with an explanation like “me and my son,” etc.) People have also zoomed in and “captured” celebrities like P. Diddy, Denzel, all the political people involved, even some guy playing a game on his cell phone. Very cool! Highly recommend taking it for a spin.


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