Talking With My Hands

Writing can be hard work, even for a writer, but especially for a writer who talks with their hands. (Although in some way the written word is talking with your hands because you’re typing … hmm … that’s kinda deep.) What I mean is, if you’re the kind of person who uses their hands to explain things through gestures and motions to help people “see” what you’re saying, when you only have words that becomes much more complicated.

At work we are writing science topics for students and I find it so challenging for many reasons, one of those being because I typically talk with my hands. So when I sit down to explain something — like yesterday,  trying to write how Pluto orbits the sun at a certain angle and distance and is sometimes closer to the sun than Neptune, etc. — it’s difficult to make it make sense, because if I could explain it in person I would use my hands (and probably an orrery).

But that’s also one of the things that makes writing fun. Most of the time writing comes so easy to me, and if it was always easy I think I’d get bored with it. So the fact that I’m challenged to convey in only words what would be much easier with hand gestures or models is not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation about my writing process.


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