Our Box

During our engagement we received this box as a free gift from the department store where we registered. Up until then I had kept momentos of “us” on a bulletin board in my dorm room — movie tickets, love notes, anything relevant to our relationship. I moved all these things into “the box,” and over the years we have added to it.

Every now and then I (sometimes both of us) pull it out and reminisce and are reminded of all the places we’ve been and things we’ve done. There’s the tickets from our first movie, concert tickets, sporting events tickets — a lot of tickets actually — but also putt-putt scorecards including one with my maiden name (why did I put my last name on a putt-putt scorecard?) and one where we took my then 6-year-old (now 16-year-old) nephew with us. There’s postcards we bought at cool places we’ve traveled — the Sears Tower, Knott’s Berry Farm theme park in SoCal, some caving sites in Indiana — newspaper clippings of our engagement and wedding announcements, and the first Christmas card to me from his family saying “we’re so glad you’re a part of our family now.

My coworker recently got engaged and is planning his wedding, and while shopping with hubby for an original idea as an engagement gift I saw this pretty white box (at Target, of course!) and immediately thought of our box and how special it was to me and us. We both liked the idea of passing on a tradition, of sorts, that meant something to our relationship in hopes that it may mean as much to them and be a tool to draw them together, to help them capture history and to someday reflect on their past and progression together. We personalized it with their names and they seemed very happy with it when we gave it them. As much as they liked the object, I hope they also embrace the idea of cherishing their path and cherishing time and cherishing the objects that will help capture and bring back to mind special moments in their relationship. Not a bad engagement gift idea, if I do say so myself.


One thought on “Our Box

  1. Not a bad engagement gift at all. I love it and am excited about filling it with memories over the years. We have already started using it. Thank you so much

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