Our 10th, er 11th, Valentine’s Day

This year marked our 10th 11th Valentine’s Day together, which is rather funny because I thought last year was No. 10 and on my Valentine’s card wrote “happy 10th” or something. (We started dating in 1998 so I just did the math not considering that we didn’t start dating until the fall of 98.) Update: So apparently last year was No. 10 and I’m just worse at counting than I thought.

We originally decided to just go out for lunch on Saturday and asked my mom to watch the boys for a few hours. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to see a movie — I can meet my husband for lunch during the week but can’t see a movie, in a theater, with him all that often.

He didn’t know which movie or even which theater we were going to — all part of the surprise — so I decided on Bride Wars at 11:10 at the new fancy Monaco theater at Bridge Street. It’s been open more than a year but we’d not yet gone. I thought the new theater at the new fancy Bridge Street would make seeing a movie a little more “special.”

As I was confirming movie times in the paper I saw that He’s Not That Into You was playing at 11:30 in the Monaco’s Prive seating — a fancy leather-seating balcony area. So at the last minute we changed plans and bought the more expensive tickets for the fancy seating/lounge.

It wasn’t a complete disaster but in hindsight we should have stuck to Plan A. For one, the leather-seating balcony is not all it’s cracked up to be. Monaco has a restaurant of sorts and a bar where you can order food and appetizers and drinks to have in the Prive theater. We’re not drinkers so the bar did us absolutely no good, and the food from the restaurant was not our style either. I suppose if you like to drink wine and eat baby Japanese soybeans steamed with sea salt or sweet potato fries with bleu cheese sauce, the Prive would be great for you. Us, not so much. Whatever happened to mozzarella sticks or potato skins? We went with more traditional movie food — popcorn and soft drinks.

The movie started 20 minutes later than the one we went to see and was 30 minutes longer, making us off schedule by nearly an hour and not leaving us enough time to eat at the restaurant where we wanted to eat (grabbed a burger at Red Robin instead).

And I think I would have liked the movie Bride Wars better anyway. He’s Not That Into You had its good parts but had one or two plot lines that I didn’t enjoy — like the married guy saying not once but twice that he can’t see a certain girl because he’s married (causing me to be proud of him) but then calling her up anyway (causing me to be disgusted at him) and even after telling his wife about the affair and his wife agreeing to stay with him and work through it, seeing the girl A-GAIN (causing me to hate him).

Fortunately we don’t let what we do on Valentine’s Day define the day. Mediocre movie, off-schedule, popcorn appetizer and a burger for lunch aside, we had fun being alone, together, and that’s what it’s all about.


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