Personalized Chocolate

While looking for a fun “It’s a Girl” graphic for a recent baby shower I stumbled upon personalized tags for Hershey’s Kisses.

They of course have It’s a Boy, but also Happy Birthday, Just Married, Thank You, and others.

Now today, I see an ad in Family Fun for personalized M&Ms, not only messages but pictures. You  can upload your own pictures to be printed on M&Ms!

They also have NFL and MLB teams! I’ve bookmarked the site and will definitely be ordering some of these for birthday and Christmas gifts later in the year.

Is there anything you can’t get personalized these days?


2 thoughts on “Personalized Chocolate

  1. No minimum order that I see.

    The sports ones are $12.99 for a 7 oz. bag. You can get 5 lbs. for $140, or the dispenser I was telling you about with 3, 7 oz. bags for $59.99.

    Personalized messages are $17.99 a bag for one bag, but the per bag price gets cheaper the more bags you get ($11.99 a bag if you get 3 or bags).

    The personalized with photos are $12.99 a bag also, which doesn’t make sense to me that a photo would cheaper than text.

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