“Complete Happiness”? Yeah right!

“To love somebody; it’s the best feeling in the world. It’s that feeling of ‘I need you in my life. I really need you because you make me better. You make me a better person. You give me a complete happiness.’”

— what Jason Mesnick (aka The Bachelor) said just before asking Melissa to marry him. Six weeks later he dumped Melissa on national television and then asked Mollie to go for coffee.

I guess it wasn’t that complete, and he really does need someone to make him a better person.


One thought on ““Complete Happiness”? Yeah right!

  1. The thing he kept saying over and over again was “At that moment, I was in love…” His whole idea of love is based on what he’s feeling at the time. He has no concept of it. Molly deserves him.

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