Aloha Target

Update: Hubby went to the Honolulu Target store last night, sent me this pic and said “It was a mad house!!!!!” No word on whether he got me any of the cool bags or any other Aloha Target swag.

The first Target stores in Hawaii opened this week.


Target’s first two Hawaii stores opened Wednesday.

The company had soft openings for its Oahu stores in Salt lake and Kapolei, which will celebrate their grand openings on Sunday. … Target will open its third Hawaii store in Kona on the Big Island in July.

I’m so jealous. First, hubby is actually in Hawaii this week so if I’d been lucky enough to tag along with him I could have been there. They’re giving away free reusable tote bags with a special Hawaii/Target floral print. The workers have cool Hawaiian Target shirts. Their “one spot” is apparently called “The Aloha Shop.” Also, they’re the first Target to sell surf boards.

I posted a few months ago about the first Target to open in Alaska and it’s heated sidewalks. That leaves only one state without a Target. Vermont.

Oh how I love Target.


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