How Finn lost his first tooth eating a lemon

Finn lost his first tooth tonight!! It’s been loose for a while and a few weeks ago really loosened up while he was eating corn on the cob.

Well, he loves lemons and tonight while eating some lemon wedges for dessert he asked me if his mouth was bleeding because there was blood on the lemon. I, of course, immediately thought of his tooth. It was still there but was much more loose and bleeding a little. He wanted to finish his lemons, so I told him he could but it would still bleed, was he ok with that? He just wanted to finish that one.

Well, if you’ve ever eaten lemons or oranges — any pulpy fruit — you know that you have to use your teeth to pull the pulp away from the rind. He continued to eat the lemon, and I couldn’t even watch because the way he was eating it I could just imagine the tooth pulling forward and it made me cring. Next thing I knew, what looked like a lemon seed popped out of his mouth towards me and landed by my leg on the couch. I picked it up, and sure enough it was his tooth!

The first thing he wanted to do was look in the mirror. Then he wanted to call Nana but I knew she was at a dinner, so he called Aunt Nanny (my sister) instead. I found a neat little jar to put the tooth in and we took a few pictures of his snaggle-tooth smile.

As I’m typing this the tooth fairy is trying to scrounge up some money to leave under his pillow. She wasn’t quite prepared for this to happen tonight! But she’s so, so excited it did!!


One thought on “How Finn lost his first tooth eating a lemon

  1. masonb1 says:

    Congratulations to Finn and Mommy! It is so exciting to watch them grow up. He has lost one and the rest is sure to follow!

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