I’m not boring

My mom sent a magazine to me this week, via Hubby when he was over there picking up one of the kids. It’s a magazine she gets through her church and one I’ve said in the past that I’d like to have if there are extras. So Hubby brings this home, and with the magazine turned to a certain page, he says, “Now don’t get mad, but I wanted to show you this.” Hmmm….

He proceeds to show me a page with several funny comments from refrigerator magnets. He points out one in particular: “A clean house is the sign of a boring woman.”

I didn’t get mad and we had a good laugh. He just knows how frustrated I can get with constantly striving for a clean house and it just seems like I’m dreaming the impossible dream.

The writer of the article that went along with these images went on to talk about Mary and Martha in Luke 10, when Martha was bustling around taking care of the house and the meal while Mary was sitting and enjoying Jesus. Balancing household demands with enjoying life is a tough tight rope to walk on. I do it everyday. As the magazine writer said, the trick is having “the wisdom to know when it’s time to go on a cleaning tear and when it’s time to sit for a while with the Lord.”


One thought on “I’m not boring

  1. masonb1 says:

    I want to be boring but I’m so not! I have the same struggle and I am also trying to have that same wisdom.

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