Design Your Own Reusable Shopping Bag

I’m re-posting this from Coupon Cravings.

Design a reusable shopping bag and get one free from Kroger. Just submit your design here along with your Kroger card number and your card will be credited for one free reusable shopping bag at check-out.

A couple of things Coupon Cravings doesn’t tell you that I learned by creating my own bag:

  • You don’t have to already have a Kroger card to participate. You can sign up for a card when you register to design a bag. (I already had one, but in case some folks out there don’t.)
  • The create-a-bag tool has backgrounds, art, a paint tool and a text tool to help you design your bag. You can also upload your own photos.
  • You can design more than one and even order your custom bag from cafepress. This is especially cool if you upload your own photos and want resusable bags with your kids’ pics on then, for example.
  • Everyone votes for their favorite bag.
  • Voting ends on May 15 (which so happens to be my wedding anniversary) and then … there’s PRIZES!!  Gift cards will be given to runners up and finalists, and the winner receives a $1,000 Kroger gift card.


My design above is a tad lame, although I do like the multi-shades of green letters. So, go, design a bag, be creative, win yourself a free retote and then use it.


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