Easter Photos

I took quite a few pictures of the boys on Easter, while thoroughly enjoying my new camera that hubby surprised me with at Christmas. One of the photos was so nice I decided to use it as the boys’ official spring portrait — that’s right, no high-price photography studio or goofy photographers tossing stuffed animals in the air and tickling my kids to make them laugh. I did it myself, and their smiles are natural and my memory of the experience is much better than of past photo experiences in cramped studios where photogs are running late and by the time it’s my kids’ turn they’re cranky and it shows in my photos. Not that I’m bitter.

I ordered a handful of 5x7s and one sheet of 8 wallets — just enough for grandparents, great grandparents, two aunts and me — and spent around $10. Because I use Target for regular prints all my photos are stored on Shutterfly so I naturally used Shutterfly to order these prints as well.

And I couldn’t be happier. Talk about saving money during the economic downturn! And the photo is great, don’tcha think?


More miscellaneous Easter photos





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