Love Thy Neighbor

I met one of my neighbors today — the ones that moved next door to us at the end of last summer and who I’ve waved at in the yard but never actually spoke to. It turns out that our oldest boys are in kindergarten together (same school, but not the same teacher) and we both have 3 yo boys too. The boys recognized each other and Sam, the nextdoor neighbor boy, came over to talk to Finn at the same time the 3yo neighbor boy came over and got a toy out of our garage. It was so cute!

All 4 boys played with our ride-on toys and balls while Ellie, the neighbor mom, and I talked a bit. Next thing we know, Finn and Sam have gone in our house. Finn asked him in to play Mario Kart. If I hadn’t just got in from work and had to figure out supper, baths, reading, etc. in a few short hours, I’d gladly have let Sam stay and play — and offered for him to come back another time. I never had a neighborhood friend like that so I’m glad that our boys will have that opportunity.


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