“Where Is Matt” Viral Video

I attended a training session today on social media, and below is one of the videos the speaker shared as an example of viral video. Several of the viral videos I had seen — the “Charlie that hurts” kids and the Evolution of Dance, to name a few. This one, called Where the Hell is Matt?, I had not. It’s just a guy — Matt — dancing this kinda silly jig with alternating arm motions at places all around the country. Yet for some reason this video is cool.

It’s quite quirky; the music is lovely; but neither of those are “it.” Something about it makes me smile and gives me chillbumps (southern for goosebumps). The presenter today indicated that in a way, the video is a visual picture of how social media works. One guy starts dancing and others start to join in.Though they’re not sure why, those people are enjoying themselves. This anaology sounds very much like how I feel about Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and so on. I can not nail down what exactly it is about doing those things that I find so satisfying, but for some reason it is.

Enjoy Matt. And for NASA folks, a special treat around the 3:54 mark.

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