Hannah Montana (the movie)

I took the boys to see the Hannah Montana movie Saturday. They are both very aware of who she is, and while I felt a little silly taking them to a girl movie, they were excited to go. One of the highlights for them was seeing Taylor Swift, one of their favorites!

The movie was very cute, very clean (rated G, by the way). Even “the kiss” was well done and not actually seen, which for a movie targeted at girls as young as age 3 and 4, I think was a good idea. For fans, there were lots of concert-like appearances and singing. There was also typical zany Miley behavior which made the boys crack-up!

One thing I really appreciated was the story of young love or first love. That’s what I like about movies like this or songs by Taylor Swift is they allow me to reminisce about being that 14-year-old girl and swooning over some cute country boy. I give it two thumbs up and would see it again in the future on DVD.

One of my favorite scenes was the Howdown Throwdown. I want to learn the steps. Looks fun!


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