I prayed

When I wear this sticker


I wear it with pride and the lyrics to “I’m proud to be an American” run through my head.

Yet, today, when I am wearing this one

I’m a little scared. What if someone at work asks me to take it off? Would I? What if someone asks me “Why are you wearing that?” Will I have a good enough answer to represent my faith and the reasons that I pray, both today and every day? Those things make be scared. I’m still proud, that it expresses, to anyone who sees it, that today I did something I believe in (just like when I wear the I voted sticker), but the thought process of choosing to wear it (yes, I did think about do I want to wear this or not) led me to pray that I would grow strong enough in my faith that I would be just as proud and bold and unintimidated about expressing my faith as I am about expressing other things.

One big question I considered is, if I lived in a country where praying wasn’t allowed, would I still wear it? Something to think about. Think, Daniel and the lions’ den.

I’m wearing the sticker, btw, because today is the National Day of Prayer, a day set aside for us to pray for our country and all of its facets — our government leaders, our military, our schools, our businesses, our families, our media and our churches. I am wearing the sticker because I prayed.


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