Plinky Prompts

I get these Plinky writing prompts each week by email, and while I’ve thought about using them as a springboard for things to write about here, I never have. This week’s were so good, though, I decided to answer quite a few of them. Consider it a little mini-interview with moi.

Which movie’s characters would you befriend in real life?

I’m gonna cheat here and not name a movie but rather a TV show. I would want to be part of the Friends’ friends. I can see myself fitting in easily with the girls, shopping, hanging out at the coffee shop, chatting, etc. I have elements of each one — Rachel, Monica and Phoebe — in my personality so I think I would relate well to all three. I wouldn’t want to be regular cast member, per se, because that would complicate things. Then you’d have to have another guy in the cast to balance out and eight people seems a little much and not quite as believable as six. But six, with a cool occasional friend, is totally doable. Plus the show just makes it look  incredibly fun to be young and single in New York City, very much like the dreamworld I envisioned as a teenager.

What two cities should be moved closer together?

Wow. I  think it would be cool if New York City were closer to San Francisco, like if we just cut out the heartland and the two were a hundred miles apart. You could spend the day on the West Coast beaches and then hop over to the East coast for the city nightlife. I have nothing against the heartland. It would be fun someday to drive across country and see it all — coast to coast. I just picked two cities that I think it would be cool to experience in the same day.

What musicians would you like to see join together to form a new band? List the members of your ideal supergroup.

Hmmm… Well, I’d start by combining all my favorites. Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, throw in a little Mylie Cyrus and some Matt Nathanson. Fortunately they can all do a pop/country/rock mix. It’s not like mixing Bon Jovi with Willie Nelson or something strange like that.

If the shoes make the man (or woman), what do your shoes say about you right now?

Well, if you take them quite literally, my shoes might say I’m indecisive — I’m wearing flip flops. Get it? Flip. Flop. Indecisive? But more figuratively, flip flops probably say that I’m fun. After being a flip flop snob for years and only wearing Birkenstock sandals, I broke down and got a pair of flip flops last summer. They were $2 at Old Navy and my mother-in-law was buying, so why not? At first the thong part was hard to get used to, but after a few times wearing them, my I adapted I guess. This summer I’ve gone off the deep end and bought like seven or eight pairs, all different colors and styles.

What was your go-to “broke meal?”

Like most, I did the ramen noodle thing in college. But my favorite uber-cheap meal is cheap pizzas, like the 59 cent store brands. I love the little cubes of pepperonis. And, yes, I still buy them occasionally, especially when Hubby’s out of town and I’m not cooking as much.

Who was your arch enemy when you were 10?

I can’t think of anyone from age 10 (that was fifth grade and a pretty good year, actually), but at age 9 there were several. Two girls in particular — Amy and Mandi — were very much the snobby, bossy, yet popular “mean girls” of 4th grade. I was new to school that year and while most of the time had no trouble, I can remember them being rather agressive and controlling with our group of girls. I think it was Amy’s idea for us to wear purple and black cheerleading outfits for some little cheer league they had going. Those weren’t even our school colors, and we had these crazy purple skirts, black tops and purple suspenders??? Anyways. I’m sure it was the typical new-girl-threatening-our-turf issues. I only stayed at that school one year so didn’t have to deal with it long.

Ok, last one.

Do you prefer writing on paper or a keyboard?

Man, that’s a tough call. I love paper, like cool notepads and sticky notes and I sometimes like writing just to see my handwriting. But computers and thus typing is so much more efficient … . I think it depends on my mood and the purpose of what I’m doing. At work, whenever possible I like to type my interviews as I’m doing them, as opposed to taking notes on paper and typing them in later. It seems more efficient to already have my notes and quotes in a document file. And these days I can type faster than I can write by hand so I don’t miss as much content. But sometimes writing things on paper and the portability of a notebook is more appropriate and compelling. (I kinda dodged that one, sorry.)


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