New Camera Bag

I’ve had my new camera for going on six months now and been putting off getting a new camera bag. I’ve been able to make do with the old camera bag from my 35mm but it’s not large enough to hold both lenses so I knew I’d have to get one sooner later.

Well, lo and behold, today, on Bakerella I see the most awesome, trendy camera bag ever from Tracy Joy.

You purchase the basic bag (actually choose from three different sizes in black or brown) and then choose your flap in a variety of patterns — floral, paisley, stripes, etc. Tracy Joy is actually discontinuing their bags right now so all their bags are on sale. They’re going to continue making their flaps so as long as you order your bag now, you can continue to customize your bag with new flaps.

I ordered mine tonight — the Joey bag — with two flaps — the Fleur Tattoo and the Paisley Green. I only wish they’d come in before my work trip Wednesday, but I’m sure that’s wishful thinking ….

Fleur Tattoo

Fleur Tattoo

Paisley Green

Paisley Green


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