Getting Ready for Weightlessness

I wish I could write more here about this week’s trip to Johnson and all the preparations and neat things going on before next week’s micro-g flight, but I’m just drained — not only of words because I’ve been blogging about it for work, but also just my energy level from enduring early mornings, late nights and full days. So, if you really want to know, check out my official NASA blog about the experience and I’ll try to elucidate more here soon.

One thing I will quickly say here that you won’t see on the NASA blog is my weekend plans. There are no training or flight-related activities over the weekend so my friend Andrea is flying down from Dallas to spend the weekend with me. Andrea is a good friend from Indiana but now lives in Dallas. Last time we got together was in Dallas last February (’08) when I had a long layover in Dallas while on my way here to Houston. I’m thrilled she’s coming down and know we’ll have lots of fun hanging out, shopping, gabbing, and whatever else we come up with to do.

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