Frozen in Time

While I was on work travel last week the 3yo found the dial that sets the temperature in the fridge and freezer and turned both dials to “1,” which is the lowest cool setting. Hubby discovered it and cranked the dials up to the maximum “5,” but we do not know how long the dial had been turned down. We do know it was on low long enough to melt the ice cream which then ran all over the lower shelf of the freezer. And, I was concerned enough about how long things in the freezer had been defrosting that I cleaned out and threw away pretty much everything that could spoil. The only things left were popsicles, a pie crust, two bags of pecans and the top of our wedding cake.

Wait. What did that say? The top of our wedding cake? Yes, the top of the cake which we had at our wedding more than 10 years ago. In true wedding tradition, we saved the top tier of our cake for our first anniversary. But when our first anniversary came around we actually had planned a trip back home for a friend’s graduation. It felt strange to eat it any other day, and since we were leery about eating it anyway we just decided to do nothing. I think now it’s just about seeing how long it can actually survive. It’s moved with us six times, including the big six-hour move from Indiana to back home. (We transported it over ice in a cooler.)

This week’s melted ice cream actually got onto the foil that was wrapped around the bakery box that the cake is in, so I had to replace the foil. I took a quick sneak peak inside the box and was scared of what I’d see, but it still looks exactly the same. I wouldn’t eat it now, of course, but on what grounds do you throw away a 10-year old cake? Unintentionally it has become a symbol of our longevity, so barring major freezer meltdown, as long as we’re together, the top to our wedding cake will be in the freezer. How funny to think about our boys someday having to figure out what to do with some decades-old wedding cake!


3 thoughts on “Frozen in Time

  1. shaggerty says:

    You’re hilarious! I’m glad I’m not the only one who relocated with a piece of wedding cake in tow, although I just did it once.

    We did make a valiant attempt to eat it on our first anniversary. It was as good (not) as you might imagine a one-year-old frozen piece of cake would be. Never thought about leaving it as an heirloom.

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