The Right Words at the Right Time

I love the idea of a perpetual calendar — reading the same thing year after year but finding new relevance in new ways. I believe this is the third year that I’ve had the Power of a Praying Parent desk calendar on my desk, and some days things don’t seem relevant at all; couldn’t make it fit if I tried. Other days the verse or thought is “good” but still not overtly relevant. Then other days it’s just right on, as if Someone knew what I was going through and chose that verse or passage just for me on just that day.

I had one of those “then other days” last week, June 16-18, to be exact. Finn has been having a problem with migraine headaches for nearly a year and these last few weeks they’ve increased in severity and frequency, so we’ve been trying to figure out what to do, which doctors to see, which advice to take, which medicines to give, etc. On Tuesday, June 16, the day after Finn started a new medicine my calendar had this to offer:

We have prayed our children through every cold, flu, fever, and injury, and the Lord has always answered. We never hestitate to take them to  a doctor when they need it, of course, because we know God heals through doctors, too. The point is to pray first and then, when we are healed, we are not to question or doubt.

On Wednesday, the passage on my calendar was from James 5:14-15:

Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, annointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up.

Finally, on Thursday, the calendar offered me this prayer, the prayer that was already in my heart:

Lord, because You have instructed us in Your Word that we are to pray for one another so that we may be healed, I pray for healing and wholeness for my child. I pray that sickness and infirmity will have no place or power in his life. And if we are to see a doctor, I pray that You, Lord, would show us who that should be. Give that doctor wisdom and full knowledge of the best way to proceed.

Wow. Wow. Who is to say that if when the Praying Parent calendar people put this calendar together that God knew I’d need to read those things the third week of June 2009 and therefore impressed upon them to include those pages on those days? It seems kind of extreme to build the entire calendar around one user, but if there are messages for me in June, perhaps he orchestrated it so that there are messages for multiple others on other days and in other years. And while nothing has really jumped out at me the last few months, in a few years something from another month — that I’ve now read over and over each year — may be the relevant thing. Isn’t that neat that God can be so big that we can’t wrap our minds around Him but at the same time  be so up-close, personal and involved to have years-ago influenced and orchestrated the devotional passages that I would read today? I believe it happens more often than people know or acknowledge.

There are several pages from the calendar that I have torn out and tacked to the wall of my cubicle because they are ones that I want to read more often or ones that are relevant to where I am. September 23 — joy doesn’t have anything to do with happy … look into the face of God and know He’s all we need. September 9 — even if your child is beyond your daily influence you can pray for his mind to be sound and protected. July 12 — I pray my child will respect the wisdom of his parents and be willing to be taught by them … [and] have the desire to be taught by the teachers You bring into his life. And now June 18 — prayer for healing, wholeness, that sickness will have no place or power in my childrens’ lives, and wisdom for us, as parents, and any doctors He sends us to.


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