With Finn turning 6 over the weekend and thus no longer required by law to ride in a car seat, his booster seats were freed up for Caden. Caden has been big enough to go from the big car seat to a booster for a few months, but I just didn’t think he was mature enough to handle the temptation of getting out of seat belt. Plus, waiting until after Finn was through with the seats made better sense than buying new ones. We’ve “practiced” over the last few months when Finn wasn’t in the car or on short trips. We also taught him the rules

— don’t unbuckle while mommy is driving
— keep the shoulder strap over the shoulder
— ask permission before unbuckling
— sit back and sit up with your back on the seat

Caden is quite excited about the change. His buzz phrase of the week has been “I’m getting bigger, like Finn.” He told his daycare teacher he wasn’t a baby anymore that he was getting big and was riding in a “cabooster” (caboose + booster, I guess).


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