Operation Big Boy Bed: FAIL

I got the bright idea last weekend to change Caden’s daybed/crib bed into a full bed. Maybe it was the change from the baby seat to the “cabooster” seat that encouraged me to do it, or maybe the fact that he’s had trouble going to bed and to sleep lately so I thought a more comfy bed might help. Either way, while Finn was at church camp last Saturday, Caden and I borrowed PaPaw’s truck and drove into town for a box spring, mattress and a bed frame.

It turned out I didn’t need a bed frame I only needed rails to connect to a footboard and headboard. Oops! And of course we discovered this after we had already taken down the daybed. So for the last week he’s been sleeping on his new mattress on the floor until I could get back out to find rails. Several places said they would have to order them but finally Thursday I found a place that had them in stock.

So today we tried for the second time to put together the bed, but it turns out the rails are not compatible with the slats in the headboard and footboard. The pins in the headboard are two wide for the rails’ hooks. So we had to abandon the project once again, and he’s  back to sleeping on the floor. I plan to call the manufacturer next week to see if they recommend a certain kind of rail that works with their product.

The good news is he does seem to be going to bed better and sleeping better. Now if we can just get the right rails to get him off the floor ….


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