Paper You Can Plant

In the last few months I’ve acquired several “plantable paper” items — a bookmark, a coaster, notepaper. Most say they grow flowers. One says it will grow lettuce. You can get almost anything printed on these “plantable papers” — business cards, wedding invitations, stationery, etc. Even my favorite store apparently distributed plantable coasters in some of their promotions. (I don’t have one, btw, so if anyone knows how I can get one, I’d be much obliged.)

target paper

I found these directions for how to make my own plantable paper and plan to try it this week using newspaper and some wildflower seeds I found in the garage. I’ll try to document it here, so stay tuned. I’m already having flashbacks of making paper mache pinatas as a kid.

One thought on “Paper You Can Plant

  1. Thanks for profiling plantable paper in your blog. It’s exciting to see the many different ways people and companies are using this type of paper. FYI, the coaster image that you’ve used comes from the Botanical PaperWorks ( website and shows some work that we did for client Target. It’s great to find your blog and I look forward to following you! Sincerely, Heidi

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