Publix Greenwise

Hubby and I are trying out the Abs Diet for the next six weeks, so today I ventured to Publix to buy some of the things we’ll need. The book recommended two specific brands of chips — Tostitos Natural Yello Corn Chips and Ruffles Natural Sea Salt Reduced Fat Potato Chips. I checked for both in the Tostitos section and the Ruffles section and could find neither.

Yet, towards the end of the chip aisle I found both items in a special section called “Publix Greenwise Market.” The section has natural, organic or health foods, as well as Publix’s own “Greenwise Market” brand. I was mostly done with my shopping so I didn’t get to check out the Greenwise sections on other aisles, but am quite glad about it and hope it helps us finds the foods we’re looking for over the next few weeks.

I also signed up to receive Publix’s Greenwise Market Magazine.


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