Why Blog?

I like what Mr. Grouchypants had to say about blogging and thought it worthy of reposting here along with a few of my own thoughts:

“Blogging can also be a fulfilling pastime which stimulates your creative energy and helps you vent some of the bitter rage that you harbor for the untimely cancellation of “Get A Life”. And while it isn’t always necessarily a good thing, blogging can help you look within yourself and obtain a clearer understanding of who you really are.”

I couldn’t agree more. I started my blog a little more than two years ago and was very skeptical about what to put on it, what I felt comfortable saying publicly about myself and my family, why I was writing for an audience that I didn’t know, couldn’t see and wasn’t sure existed. But over time, and really in the last year, I have more fully embraced that this blog is as much for me as it is for any “audience.” It’s a place I can say what’s on my mind (even if I’m careful to respect other’s privacy or am sometimes vague), share the fun times, and sometimes share the not-so-fun times. I think through things as I write and then hopefully get others thoughts on the subject.

I can share information about new things that I think people might want to know about (which sometimes satisifies my yearnings to be a newspaper reporter again). I like writing about the movies and books and music that I’m enjoying and adding my two cents to all the other opinions out there.

Like the tag line at the top says, “opinionated thoughts on random topics.” I think that accurately captures what is here. What can be more random than bouncing from topics like space, Target, journalism, books and movies, my kids, my spiritual walk, new things, etc.? And I think I certainly offer an opinion in all of my posts, whether it be “You should shop at Target” or this movie, book, product, etc. is great, good, bad or terrible.

Sometimes this is just a place to record my thoughts, which some might say would be better served in a journal. I’ve tried journaling in the past and I’ve never been motivated enough to keep it going. There is something about a blog being public that makes it feel more like a “conversation” and the “conversation” motivates me to blog. I love when people comment. I am overjoyed when people who actually know me (co-workers, friends, family) talk to me in person or start an email exchange about something on my blog. It starts a conversation that might never have existed.

I blog because I feel I have something to say, even if it is saying it to myself.


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