First Day, In the First Grade

On Monday morning I was looking forward to all of the good and fun things I was going to write here about Finn’s first day in first grade. I envisioned posting his cute first-day-of-school photo, talking about singing “first day in the first grade,” sharing where we went after school to celebrate his first day, etc.

But at 11 o’clock the school nurse called.

He had a headache. Since it was the first day of school I had not yet taken any medicine to school. We dealt with it and got him some medicine up there (Thanks to Papaw) but the headache never went 100% away. So when I got there at the end of the school day he was still hurting and had thrown up.

Not exactly as I had envisioned.

So instead of taking him to his place of choice (which I found out later would have been the gas station/country store near our house, so not totally disappointed to have missed out on that) we went home and he went to bed. Later, when he felt better, we talked about what happened and there were quite a few little things that might have contributed to it — from not being able to find his school supplies because he moved desks, to the air conditioner not working right and making him hot, to being afraid to ask the teacher about his missing school supplies because Rule #2 was you don’t talk when the teacher’s talking and raise your hand to ask a question, etc.

So today we took Motrin and consent forms to the school nurse and talked with his teacher about how it’s OK for him to raise his hand to say something if he needs help or doesn’t feel well.

At 12:30 his teacher emailed.

I just wanted to let you know Finn has felt much better today!! ;-)

He is having a great day!!!

So now for that cute first day of school picture.


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