By Faith, Moses

This past Sunday our pastor wrapped up his series on the life of Moses. Two Sundays ago he taught on Moses’ disobedience — hitting the rock to get water instead of speaking to the rock like God said — which ultimately led to Moses seeing the Promise Land but not getting to go there.

While the sermon focused on Moses’ anger, I found a lot of the principles could relate to all (or most) other sins. Principles like obedience. It was Moses anger at the people that led to his disobedience, but for us it might be pride or lust or selfishness that leads us to disobey. When we don’t obey God we display a lack of trust, or dependence, on Him and we don’t allow Him to get the glory for what is done. That last part is something I think we easily forget. If we don’t let God do things His way then we rob Him from getting the glory for doing it.

Pastor went on to list ways to manage anger — things like anger is a choice and admit that anger is a weakness — but these too I think can be applied more universally. Sin is a choice. And we need to admit that whatever sins are tempting us are our weakness — our cryptonite, so to speak.

Until this sermon I never truly understood why Moses received such a harsh punishment. I mean the first time God gave the people water from a rock God told Moses to hit the rock, so obviously hitting the rock wasn’t the issue. And water still came out when he hit it, so iit actually worked. Whether God was testing Moses or he just changed his mind about he wanted to bring this watert time, the point is the problem here was disobedience.

God was patient with Moses for a long time, and here he had finally had enough. God will only tolerate so much before he’s had enough. These lessons made me reflect on how I might be disobeying Him and at some point will he say to me, “Enough is enough.” As the pastor put it, is it whatever we’re doing instead really worth missing out on God’s best? What a steep price Moses paid for disobedience. What Promise Land might we be going to miss out on because of disobedience?

So this past Sunday, in the last sermon, he closed with Moses’ death and the passage in Hebrews 11 where Paul writes, “By faith, Noah …” and “By faith Abraham …” and finally “By faith Moses ….”

A key lesson I took from this one is how faith can’t exist without an object. You have faith in something. So three ways to find what or who has your faith: 1) it’s the most important part of your life, 2) it’s the priority around which all other decisions are made and 3) it’s the thing that gets the most or the best of your time.

The most common answer? Self.


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