Friend, Follow, Tweet

Every web site I go to nowadays has a “Friend us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter.” I was verifying a kids-eat-free promo at IHOP by looking at their web site and what was on the top of their page? The little “Find Us on Facebook” icon with a link to their Facebook page.

iHOP_fbIt reminds me of a few years ago when commercials were just starting to show web addresses. I remember being at a Superbowl party, watching all of the cool commercials, and someone commented on how many commercials were showing web site addresses. They said something to the effect that all the companies were getting web sites now and what a phenomenon that was.

Today, what company doesn’t have a web site? I get frusterated if I google bakeries in my hometown and can’t find a web site. (Yes, even small-town bakeries should have a web site.)

Are Facebook pages and Twitter feeds the new web site, that everybody has to have? It sure seems so.

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