Music Remembers

What three songs remind you of a specific time in your life? Describe that time and these songs’ ties to it.

This was one of the Plinky prompts for last week.

Songs are so powerful that nearly any song I could tie to something.

The Macarena — junior prom.

Men In Black — college orientation counselor. We tried to do the dance. It turns out I can’t make my neck “work.”

Like A Prayer — me and my 4th grade clique memorized all the words and sang it together every day at recess.

Ice, Ice Baby — I memorized the words to this one in 6th grade, to impress a boy (he wasn’t impressed).

This Kiss  — sang it with college friends on the way to and from this ropes course/team building thing.

Strawberry Wine — my high school friend Beth said she liked the song so much because the girl in the song is 17, and Beth was 17. I was only 16 and couldn’t relate.

Red, Red Wine — the UB40 version. This song came on the radio the day I got a ride home from the coolest girl in 4th grade. I missed the bus and Brandy’s mom offered to give me a ride in her maroon sports car. I wasn’t supposed to catch rides with people. I wasn’t supposed to miss the bus, but if I ever did I was supposed to call home which meant I would get in trouble for missing the bus. But Brandy lived down the road from us, so I thought that not only would I get to ride with (and be seen riding with) the coolest girl, I’d be home in about the same time as the bus would have dropped me off. So the odds were good that I wouldn’t get caught. Who knew my dad would be looking out the window for me to get the off the bus only to see me climb out of the backseat of unknown maroon car. Oops.

When I hear Red, Red Wine, I can easily flip to the pictures in my brain of Brandy, her mom, the car, as if I was right back there.

I Could Not Ask For More — If Hubby and I were to have a song, this would  be it. Hearing it takes me back to our dating days since the song was in the movie “Message in a Bottle,” which we saw together, and since he bought me the soundtrack and played this song for me.

I had a co-worker start naming random songs just to see if I really could tie a memory to any song. And I couldn’t to all of them but most, yeah, my mind would drift to hanging out with friends, dating some boy, seeing some movie, having some conversation. Music remembers things. Memories are captured in songs. What an amazing power music has.


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