Not Just Another Pretty Face

Why is it that Barbie’s face is enviously gorgeous and action figure girls are ugly?

The jaw lines and foreheads are too square and manly, the noses are too big, the eyes are creepy — did they just use the man mold and add long hair and pink lips?

At least this one has sunglasses to cover up/distract from her bad features.


One thought on “Not Just Another Pretty Face

  1. It’s the size of the figures. Barbie’s face is almost 2″ tall. Theirs is like a quarter of an inch. Facial features are subtle (especially women’s) and differences between two people don’t translate well at that scale. So they have to exaggerate them in order to differentiate them. Plus these are for tossing off dirt mounds and running over with toy jeeps, anyway. The little boys that play with them don’t care. The grown men who collect them probably have plenty of real pictures of Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller to look at anyway…

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