A Drop in the Bucket

My friend Pillownaut posted this chart on her blog to illustrate just how small a drop in a large, large bucket is the additional $300 Billion the Human Space Flight Committee says NASA needs to do it’s missions — go to the ISS, go to the moon, go to Mars, etc. My co-worker responded that Americans should stop giving money to charity and give all the money to NASA and it would more than make up for it — according to the chart Americans give $300 Billion annually to charities. (He was joking, of course.)

Interesting that the same could be true also if Americans were to stop shopping at Walmart — $352 Billion spent at Walmart annually. Of course then they’d just have to spend that money at Target so it wouldn’t really solve NASA’s woes, but it would at least make us all happier since we all know Target is a much happier place to shop than the alternative.


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