Defying Gravity

I started out watching Defying Gravity because I wanted to see what a tv show about humans in space would look like from my new perspective, from “the inside,” even though my insider world is still quite far removed from the real thing.

I wasn’t disappointed, per se, because I didn’t really have my hopes pinned on anything. But it was a lot more drama and a lot less space than I’d expected. So much so that I might have given up on it if it weren’t for Twitter. I “follow” quite a few people who work in the real Mission Control or other jobs at NASA and they were all watching Defying Gravity too — and tweeting about it! So it was cool to see real NASA folks respond, critque, etc. how their jobs, astronauts, exploration, etc. were portrayed on tv.

I was surprised this past week that it was the season finale — it seemed too soon. It turns out there’s actually five more episodes that make up season 1, but it’s unclear whether or not ABC will play them because it doesn’t have an open time slot with all of its new fall shows coming. While aired in the U.S. on ABC, ABC is not actually producing the show. It’s made by BBC and Canada … eh, this article explains it better than I can.

If I never see those other five episodes and I never know what Beta is or what the “real” mission is, I’ll  be Ok. I mean it would be nice to know, but it’s not like they’re not showing the rest of Lost or something because THAT would be a tragedy!

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