This Week in Pictures

One of the advantages of the iPhone is its camera, which gives me me the liberty to document all sorts of things that I otherwise wouldn’t if I didn’t have a camera with me everywhere I go.

Finn and my nephew Kaleb (center) see the same doctor in Nashville for two different problems so my sister and I try to coordinate and go together. It saves gas and mileage on two vehicles and make the long drive more enjoyable, for us and the kids. We can gab in the front seat while they play games, watch a movie, etc. in the backseat.

This time we also took Caden, which added an interesting dynamic to the whole thing. It turns out two is company, three is a crowd. Considering he is 3 years old, was very excited to get to go on a trip he’s usually left out of, and very excited to be with his big brother and his cousin and the fact that’s he’s naturally hyper, he did pretty good. And both Kaleb and Finn got good reports.

The three boys waiting for the doctor

I blogged about the rainbow already but this is just another picture, this one taken by me.

Driving to Nashville for the doctor’s visit we saw this Nissan Cube. Just a silly looking car.

Saturday we went to my mother-in-law’s for Hubby’s birthday. She fixed lunch, the kids played and the grown-ups watched the Tennessee game. Hubby’s sister is a third-grade teacher and brought over some papers to grade. She gave me some of their essays to grade and it was so much fun! It was like when I played school as a little girl.

Uncle Brian watching the game, the kids playing with new toys!

These were just some pretty flowers growing at my mother-in-law’s house.


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