The Magical World of Disney

Schools here are on Fall Break next week, and we’ll be taking our family vacation for the year to Disney World!! We actually went to Disney World last year too, right before Spring Break for a three-day weekend, but on this trip we’ll be vacationing for 8 days!

We’re flying down because we still don’t think the boys are able to handle a 10-12 hour car ride. (Or rather, we don’t want to have to handle a 10-12 hour car ride with them. They can’t even get along from here to Target!)

This kinda feels like an anniversary trip to me — the 25th anniversary of the first time I went to Disney World.

Minnie & Me

Minnie & Me, 1984

The story goes that there were a crowd of kids and families around Minnie Mouse, but I broke through and grabbed her in a big hug (the big hug you see here).

I was quite a cutie at age 4!

I was quite a cutie at age 4!

My sister would die if she knew I was posting old photos with her in it, but that’s what little sisters do right? Besides, my mom and I agreed that I look cute here.

small world

It's A Small World

I look cute here too. ;)

This photo is actually from my second trip t0 Disney World — I was 9. I include it only because my mom and I had a big laugh while digging through the old family photos at what a cute picture this might have been if whoever took the photo had, say, centered it up with more of me and Mickey and less wall and ceiling. The photographer was probably my sister, because that’s what big sisters do, right?


One thought on “The Magical World of Disney

  1. Lori Emerson says:

    That picture of you and Minnie is adorable. You could submit that and suggest that they do a retro ad campaign to celebrate all the years of Disney and your picture could be the main one!

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