Seaing the World

I know, I know. We came here for Disney and on our first full day we went to Sea World. But there was a method to our madness. Because we are staying at a Disney resort we are using Disney transportation and not renting a car. But, we needed to go to a grocery store early in the trip to get drinks, snacks, etc. So, we rented a car for one day (using the Alamo/Disney car care center) to go to a grocery store and do something non-Disney. With Sea World’s Hero Salute military families get in free, so Sea World was the obvious choice.

A few highlights: The dolphin show was the best (even better than Shamu, in my opinion). I videotaped parts of the dolphin show and Shamu show with the iPhone. Very cool to have quick video recording at my fingertips!

Finn and I rode Journey to Atlantis, basically a log plume ride with a spooky plot (at one point we were in a dark spot clicking up to the top of the hill before the big drop and Finn points up and says “green eyes”).

The park had a special Halloween themed section with trick-or-treat stands and workers in costumes.

And finally the iPhone took great underwater/ fish photos!!


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