Disney Characters

On our last trip to Disney (roughly 18 months ago) we bought the cute little Disney autograph book to get autographs of all the characters we were bound to see. It’s Disney, right? Characters are everywhere and that’s part of the magic.

Well, two things happened. One, the lines for characters were long. I mean, long. We waited in line for Minnie for nearly an hour. We didn’t even see Mickey because the line for Minnie wore us out. The boys were 4 and 2 and waiting for an hour for anything was not pleasant, even something as good as Mickey or Minnie.

The other thing that happened is most days we forgot our book. So, for example, when we were at Animal Kingdom and saw Jimminy Cricket and Rafiki with no lines, we didn’t get autographs because the book was safely at the hotel.

As a result we only got three autographs last year.

This year we brought the same book (we remembered!) and hoped to add a few more. We’ve added A LOT more! We’re up to 20 now! And we have all the “major” ones — Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck (both of whom were the only characters to sign a last name), Pluto, Cinderella, Snow White, and a bunch of others. The boys were much more willing to stand in line this year and just in general more interested in seeing and hugging the characters. Caden especially. Last year he cried and freaked out. This year, he was excited and really into it.

Plus, their dad and I realized that depending on when we come back next, this might their last trip where they’re really interested in characters. So let them (and us) enjoy it while it lasts.

And on future trips, I’d like to bring their autograph book and try to fill in the more obscure characters, see if we could someday have them all.


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