Musings on Twilight

What is it about Twilight that is so luring? I hoped by reading the books I could find the answer, and I was right. I could. I did. Maybe. At least I think so.

One theory is the ability for readers to relate to the characters, not because they’re vampires or werewolves or in love with vampires and/or werewolves but because the feelings are extremely sincere even if the circumstances are vastly different than real life. I’ve never loved a vampire, but yeah, I’ve loved someone I wasn’t supposed to. I’ve never been a vampire, but I’ve  been tempted by someone that I couldn’t resist. I’ve never been a werewolf but I’ve loved someone who didn’t love me back. And so on. At any given time while reading any of the four books I could relate to one or more characters. I’ve never read a book in which I could identify with all of the main characters at different times throughout the story. And I’ve never read a book where I related the characters as completely as I related to the characters in Twilight.

Another theory is that we love stories of forbidden love. Romeo & Juliet the first forbidden love story has somehow become the epitome of love stories. Why is that? Why is forbidden love so romantic? I don’t really know, but one guess is it’s real. I think more of us more often experience more episodes in life of “forbidden love” than we do the opposite of that. We all, at some point or another, experience heartbreak of not being able to be with the one we love. So what Twilight does is show us what things look like when forbidden  love continues on in spite of itself. I described it to a friend like this: it’s Romeo & Juliet if they hadn’t died. It’s a glimpse into what it looks like to not allow the circumstances that should prevent two people from being together to succeed.

Finally, Twilight sucks us in (haha, get it Twilight sucks, lol) because we want to experience the experiences in the book. We want to have someone love us as much as Edward loved Bella, someone willing to sacrifice their own happiness for us. We want someone to love us as much as Jacob loved Bella that they would stand by and watch us love someone else, all the while craving us for theirself. Heck, we want to be Bella who gets the best of both worlds — she gets to have her vampire boyfriend and her werewolf bestfriend too!

I won’t swear that this is all there is to it. There could be other elements that I’m overlooking altogether. Maybe people just dig vampires. I dunno. But best I can tell, we love Twilight because we wish it could happen to us.

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