Here’s Looking at You, 2009

Like I did last year, for my 2009 wrap-up I looked back at my posts of the last 12 months and picked a few of my favorites — ones I’ve forgotten about or ones that were the BIG things of the year, the things that made 2009 2009.

One big theme of ’09 for me was travel. I traveled more last year than I have the last five years combined! In January we drove up to Indiana for the first time since we moved from there six years ago. We visited good friends, played in real snow and remembered days gone by. In May we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a weekend in Washington, D.C. I had wanted to visit D.C. for quite a while, and a kids-free anniversary trip was the perfect way to do it. In June I went weightless. My job sent me to Houston to fly on NASA’s reduced-gravity aircraft (aka Weightless Wonder, aka Vomit Comet). I didn’t write about it much here, but that’s OK because I wrote about it in detail on the blog I kept for NASA. In September, I left the mainland for the first time — I met John in Maui for a romantic weekend rendezvous! Ahhh, Maui, how I miss thee. And if all that wasn’t enough, in October the whole family went to Disney. This was our actual vacation — all of these other trips were basically long weekends. At Disney we vacationed. We spent the entire week and the weekends on either end. It was busy and fun and great memories!

But the year wasn’t all travel. There were lots of days in between where life was just “normal” — work and school and doctor appointments and crazy schedules. So here, a few other odds and ends from the year and a well wish that I’ll come up with cool things to post here  in 2010!

Frozen in Time
“I wouldn’t eat it now, of course, but on what grounds do you throw away a 10-year old cake? Unintentionally it has become a symbol of our longevity.”

When I Needed, God Sent
I look forward to who He’s going to send my way in the future, and I also look forward to being sent to someone else to fulfill some purpose in their life. Isn’t God great?

Where You’re From
If a group came out today with a report stating that my city was going to be sucked into a black hole, and as a result tried to shut us down, I’d stay put, just like people did in New Orleans post-Katrina and as I suspect people in northern California will do if and when this big earthquake happens.

How Finn Lost his First Tooth
What looked like a lemon seed popped out of his mouth towards me and landed by my leg on the couch. I picked it up, and sure enough it was his tooth!

The Bravest 6-year-old I Know
It was an emotional pendulum for me because just that morning I had been looking at the pictures from the day he was born and here was that same little guy so big and strong and brave enough to do on his own a procedure that some adults can’t even handle.

The Truth About Gigi’s
Since I couldn’t have Gigi’s the way I wanted, I wouldn’t have Gigi’s at all.

One thought on “Here’s Looking at You, 2009

  1. The FonZ says:

    Indiana…. I went there, Terre Haute to be exact, in 1981 :-) far too long ago
    Maui……… Went there twice , 1982 & 1984
    Houston, Texas…… 1990
    Disneyland……….. 1984

    I missed those places in the US. I finished my studies in 1985. I was in San Francisco. I missed Bay Areas, Napa Valley, Reno, OMG….

    Have a good time…

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