I heard a month or so ago that Rascal Flatts were coming to town and immediately started asking around who might want to go. My sister was kinda interested as well as my friend Lori from church. John doesn’t like country. Especially twangy country. So I knew better than to ask him. If I was going to go it was going to have be a girls’ night.

I didn’t know when tickets were going on sale but tried to keep checking as often as I remembered. Well, I almost missed it. Tickets went on sale this past Saturday, which I found out about via my sister’s Facebook — you’d think she would have called or texted me or something. Blood’s supposed to be thicker than water, right? (Just kidding, Les!)

So I called up Lori, she said count her in. I logged in to Ticketmaster  a few minutes before the tickets were to go on sale and was ready. Adrenaline pumping, butterflies in the stomach, girlish grin on my face, Ready with a capital ‘R’. I had my laptop up, my credit card on the table, my cellphone so I could text my sister, who was also logged in to get tickets for herself.

The clock struck 10 and we were off. Immediately, two tickets on the floor. I’ll take ’em! I text my sister — I got ’em, two tickets on the floor, section 3. She calls. For her it’s only pulling up mezzanine, aka nosebleed section. She’s searching for four so we wonder if I lucked out quicker because I only needed two. We both start searching for pairs and after several, several hits of mezzanine got two more in the same section and row as my first two. Woot!

But we still need one more pair. For the next 15 minutes both of us are searching for tickets — at one point I even had two tabs open trying to get another pair of floor seats for her friends. I felt like I was on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange or maybe an auctioneer shouting out, “I’ve got two in section 6, do we want two in section 6?” as she was calling out the same info about the tickets she was pulling up.

Tickets had  been sale for 45 minutes at this point with no more floor seats, so I decide to call while continuing to search the site of course. I was on hold for 20 minutes or so but finally get a real, live person and was able to get one more pair of floor seats for my sister’s friends. Whew! When it was all done I made the comment, “Man, that was almost worse than trying to score a Black Friday deal!”


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