The good news: I got a Kindle for my birthday. The bad news: I have a stack of more than a dozen actual books that I want to read first. So I had the idea to read on my Kindle something else, something I don’t have a hardcopy of. Lisa, my only other Kindle-owning friend (who, by the way, got a Kindle DX, for Christmas) suggested The Host, by Stephanie Meyer of Twilight saga fame. “Great idea,” I said. So while showing one of my co-workers the Kindle I mentioned I was going to get The Host as my first Kindle book. “Oh, I have that book right here you can borrow it.” Hm. At that point it seemed kinda silly to pay $10 for the Kindle version when I had the hardback in my possession, so I’ve yet to come up with what will be my first Kindle-book.

Lisa has encouraged me several times to look at the many free books and free samples that are out there, I’ve just not done it yet. Partly because I stupidly think, “As I soon as I finish reading this book I’ll buy a book on my Kindle,” and I’ve been too busy lately to even read that book. But I’m going to work on it. Soon. I promise. Really, Lisa, I do.

I also plan to use my Kindle to read a collection of pdf documents for a secret project that at some point I’ll tell more about, you know, when it’s no longer a secret. ;)


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