Lead Me To The Cross

Lead Me To The Cross

For more than three years I’ve lived around the corner from these crosses. I pass them at least once a week, sometimes more, depending on what’s going on. I pass them on the way to the elementary school, to the baseball fields, to Bunco. But as can happen in life, the things we see all the time can become invisible to us.

Thursday morning of this week was supposed to be a “normal” morning, meaning John takes Finn to school, I take Caden to daycare, and then each of us go to work. But it ended up that Finn hadn’t completed his math homework, I was running late packing his lunch, so I told John just to go on and I’d take both boys.

If it had been a “normal” morning I wouldn’t had been taking Finn to school and wouldn’t have driven past the crosses. With the awesome Bible study from Wednesday still on my mind and my iPod  tuned to some good uplifting praise music, I got to the place where the crosses are and I was drawn to them. I’m doing a 365 photo-a-day project and thought the crosses would make a nice photo of the day. Since I was going to have to pass back by them after dropping Finn at school, I decided that on my way back toward town I’d make a quick stop, hop out of the car, and take a picture.

This is the first picture that I took. I literally, parked the car, got out, pointed my iPhone toward the crosses and snapped. (Well, you don’t really “snap” on the iPhone, but you get the idea.)

I didn’t like that you could see the building in the background, and it just seemed a little too far away. So I walked closer and took this photo.

It was OK, but you can still see the building. To get the building not to show I was going to have to get closer. The crosses are raised on a two-foot platform, so I stepped up on to the platform and walked to the foot of the cross. Now, to get the whole thing in the shot, I was going to have to kneel down. I did, and this was my next shot.

At this point I’m literally kneeling at the foot of the cross. I look up and I see a nail sticking out of side. Such a symbol of love and sacrifice, the cross and the nail. I needed that and He brought me there.

As  I was leaving, I looked back one more time and I noticed a bench to side of the platform, inviting those driving by to come and sit at the foot of the cross.

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