Grille 29

We tried another new restaurant with friends a few weeks ago — Grille 29 in the Village of Providence. The best parts of the meal, for myself, were the appetizer and the dessert. My entree, the Chicken Parmesan, was pretty good, but the gorgonzola fondue was delicious. I had never had gorgonzola before, but it turned out to be a very flavorful, sharp cheese with a nice tangy taste. The breadsticks were dusted lightly with parmesan for subtle flavor and texture. Yum, I want to eat it again!

Gorgonzola Fondue

As good as the fondue was, the best part of the meal was no doubt, hands down, the banana soufflé. Mmmm. I can still recall to memory just how adoringly yummy it was. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I’m not a big dessert person but this one was to die for! Seriously. Sweet, creamy, warm, and rich banana taste. It’s worth going back again for the dessert alone.

Banana Soufflé

In addition to food, while not as swank as Dolce, the ambience at Grille 29 is intimate enough for a romantic date but also casual enough for dinner with friends or small groups.

Chicken Parmesan over cavatapi

Filet "29"


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