Silly for Silly Bandz

Every mom in America is kicking herself that she didn’t come up with the idea for Silly Bandz. These “molded silicone bands” are all the rage right now. Every where I go the wrists of every school-age child are covered with yellow, red, blue, and green bands. They trade them — I’ll give you a princess slipper for a dinosaur foot print — and show off their collections. At any given time Finn has 20 or 30 Silly Bandz on his arm, and I’ve seen some kids have even more!

The fact that these are so popular is the silliest thing about silly bandz. They’re basically rubber bands that when worn on the wrist look just like any other colored rubber band. The magic is when you take it off and your band is some cool shape: a cowboy boot, guitar, drum set, stegosaurus or space-themed.


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